BASF Approved WALLTITE® contractor, R&S Insulation Ltd. has installed BASF ELASTOSPRAY® 1629 at the SnowDome in Tamworth, Staffordshire over a period of years, initially to seal the gaps around the perimeter edges and in between composite panels.

Seeing how well the product performed, the contractor has recently returned to site to install BASF ELASTOSPRAY® on the roof and wall panels in many areas of the building including under and above the main slope area and in the Winter Wonderland.

The solution

Because the SnowDome has been designed to simulate an outdoor ski and snowboarding centre – the snow is real – maintaining a stable temperature within the building is critical. The insulation material specified, BASF ELASTOSPRAY® 1629, helps the building to maintain a consistent temperature.

BASF ELASTOSPRAY® is produced directly on the substrate to be insulated using a spray process. The material forms a continuous, even insulating layer without joints or gaps, eliminating any thermal bridges. It is the ideal solution for a very wide variety of surfaces and shapes because the material adapts to any profile without gaps.

The closed cell structure means that BASF ELASTOSPRAY® is water resistant and at the same time provides a seal against the effects of weathering and temperature.