Converting a solid stone disused chapel into a warm and comfortable family home needed some heavy duty insulation - fortunately WALLTITE® was able to cope with all the idiosyncrasies of the project, featured on Channel 4's Restoration Man.

Owner Colin Clewes embarked on this ambitious conversion in order to create a dream home for his family. Taking a disused, unheated shell of building as a starting point, Colin, doing much of the work himself, is firmly in charge of the building process and insisted on the use of WALLTITE® spray foam insulation.

WALLTITE® is applied as a liquid that expands on contact to form a highly insulating rigid foam. This method of application means that it can cope with any substrate - no matter how uneven - and can easily be applied in restricted and difficult spaces.

In the case of the chapel conversion project, WALLTITE® was applied by specialist Foam Master contractor R&S Insulation, to the interior of the solid brick walls, to the underside of the floorboards and to the ceilings of each room in order to create cosy draught-free living spaces.

The external walls posed a particular challenge. A Yorkshire stone facade is lined with brick and lime mortar - an inherently porous structure. WALLTITE® is resistant to moisture but the project architect, wanting complete assurance of water resistance, asked for a drainage mat to be fixed to the wall prior to application of WALLTITE®. Plasterboard was then used as an internal finish and base for the interior decoration.

The application of WALLTITE® was one of the first stages of the restoration project which includes a radical redesign of the interior space. A mezzanine floor built into the centre of the main space creates the master bedroom, while a modern family kitchen and open plan living area breathe vibrant new life into the building.